I came home to myself while meeting new friends and incredible women. I appreciate Jen’s assessment of the group’s abilities and differences, yet catering to each individual. The Qi Gong and meditations really worked for me.

Paula Morgan-Johnson, Boston, MA

Jen Deraspe is a super teacher. Her knowledge in Qi Gong and Yoga was especially timely for me in recovering from gall bladder surgery and how to better take care of our organ systems. Her practice is one of mind, body and spirit as well as information about the Chakra system; a great combination of her talents and knowledge. Loved it!

Katie Dunn, Denmark, Maine

Amazing place and incredible experience! Thank you for grounding us all! We will be back as a troop and independently with our families.

Renee Dugas, Gorham, Maine

I had no idea how soothing it is to do yoga in a serene location with out distractions. The NTN practice space needs to be experienced; it is warm, inviting and calming, very much like the instructors. Every class I have attended has added a new insight into my yoga. There is no substitute for quality personal instruction. It is the perfect addition to my home training. It is so important to do the poses correctly to avoid injury and maximize its benefit.


Yoga has helped calm me and focus my thoughts.  I am more aware and in control of my emotions and reactions and better able to navigate through the day.  I completely attribute this to the environment created by Jen Deraspe, the founder of Nuture Through Nature Retreat Center.  Jen, and all the people associated with her, have been warm, welcoming, kind, nonjudgmental, encouraging, supportive and have shared a generosity of spirit I have rarely encountered.  I deeply recommend for anyone to explore the benefits yoga can give them and more specifically find  your way to the amazing retreat in the woods created by a visionary woman.

E.G. Roth

I am grateful for the awareness yoga continues to impart. The yoga studio at Nurture through Nature is so peaceful and quiet with only the bird songs a distraction.


I look forward to yoga class with Jen Deraspe because she creates an atmosphere that transports me. Through widely varied movement, voice, music, silence, cadence and even occasinal inspirational words, she engages the body while freeing the mind. Jen inspires her students to feel confident at whatever level they are. Jen has developed into a confident guide in moving meditation.

Pat C

Thank you Jen for all the thought and energy you put into your yoga classes. You have a way of taking my mind to a place that doesn’t exist as much as it should in my daily life. I enjoy your yoga classes for the physical workout and mental break we all need from out busy lives. I love that every class you give is different and full of positive energy. I’m hoping that I’m able to continue yoga with you for many more years. Thank you Jen.

Jean Weeman Simoneaug