I am so very grateful for you and The Work. With your guidance, I have found freedom, peace, and quiet which has been living deep inside my body and mind forever.

Debbie D, North Shore, MA

Thank you so much of your coaching, support and insight. This has come at the perfect point in my life, when it was most needed…

Coral, phone client, Maine

It’s back! My heart, mind, and spirit are so much lighter since joining your retreat. It has been great for my soul. I knew I needed it and I am so glad I did it. I have really found myself again. Thank you, Jen!

Robin Matthews, Connecticut

Dear Jen, I am very excited. I feel Re-energized and Re-Newed from our weekend together. The space is amazing. Thank you. You are very good at what you do…Genuine, Authentic, Passionate, Intelligent, Well Spoken, Beautiful…

Anne Poirier, New Hampshire

Everything worked for me. The location, the amenities, the people, your message & vibe, the yoga & meditating, the amount of time we spent together, the amount of alone time I had. I gained a true knowledge of the value and importance of being quiet. I knew this but to experience it was amazing. Noble Silence was a gift! And having you walk us through breathing was huge. I think I didn’t know how to breathe properly my whole life. Thanks so much, Jen. I think you’re especially wonderful!!

Karen Wilson, Maine

Amazing experience at the fall retreat!! Thank you Jen for everything!!

Bridgid Murnane, Portland, Maine

Great time on Pleasant Mountain in Denmark, Maine! These ladies (14-year-old girl scouts) hiked, snowshoed, tracked, sled, night walked, sauna, and experienced yurt living. Our devoted coach Jen showed and explained Mother Nature and all the wonderful things she offers us. The amazing journey these ladies had. Lots of laughs, smiles, and open minds.

Renee Dugas, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Gorham, Maine

As always, it was a beautiful time spent in nature and for self-reflection. What worked is the continual reminder to just BE, to come back home to the present, without judgment. Thank you, Jen, for being a great example for me.

Sandy W, Buxton, Maine

Fantastic retreat, lovely setting, friendly people. I loved the movement, breathing and meditation. Thank you!

Anonymous, Maine

I am enjoying the mix of Qi Gong and Yoga during mat time. I appreciate the combination in each session. The explanation of benefits or our movements is very informative and helpful. I am grateful for the attention Jen puts into creating each class~ the visuals, the music, her words and knowledge, her humor and personal touch–keeps me coming back!

Jo Weiss, Monmouth, Maine