Thank you for your wisdom that pours forth from your experience.

Sarah, workshop participant Maine

What worked for me about this retreat was Jen’s devotion and engagement.

Maria, Norway

Jen is incredible. She facilitated and participated smoothly and provided an incredibly nurturing environment.

Kimberly, retreat and tele-class participant, Maine

Jen, I’m very grateful for my individual immersion with you. Truly, you taught me what an in-depth process The Work can be, and brought me to this place of seeing that it can literally change my life. You were so skilled, compassionate, and focused. I felt loved and cared for, accepted, and challenged. I learned a lot about myself, my thinking, and how my world can change from questioning my thoughts. I am also very grateful for your generous follow-up, and for your ongoing guidance since my immersion.

Thank you, Jen! Matt, PA

I met my mom for the first time 31 years after her death and she is an AMAZING lady and mother. Thank you, Jen Deraspe, for being my companion on a most amazing and tender journey.

Sara K., 3 day residential immersion coaching client, Santa Cruz, CA

I am so grateful for the Universe’s introduction to you and the work. It came when I needed it most and no doubt will continue to help for years to come.

C.R., phone client, Maine

I came with anxiety. I’m leaving full of awareness, clarity, and peace. I really “retreated” from my distractions and instead became more mindful of the now. Thank you for all your warmth, kindness, and help.

Val R, retreat participant, Maine

What worked for me about my holistic coaching immersion is experiencing a renewed love of myself and an eagerness to live my life to the fullest!! I leave with a full belly of love and kindness towards myself. Jen Deraspe is thoughtful, skilled, and compassionate. Thank you for being here!

Annie Blanchard, residential coaching client, Maine

You rock! I am very grateful for your time and wisdom!

Amy G, Maine

The experience was opening, wonderful, helpful. I feel hopeful about my life with a new set of tools.

Susannah B, Massachusetts