Thank you Jen for your guidance and as always your kind open giving spirit! It was such a lovely gathering of hearts!

Lenore D

I got so much out of the Summer Solstice workshop on Saturday, it was really wonderful. I would love to join you for qi gong. Looking forward to it!

Jess W

I love beginning and ending with time for meditation…. a time to drop in and a time to integrate the flow of energy experienced during these wonderful classes. Jen is an experienced and focused teacher. One of my all time favorite instructors.


Nancy T

The School for The Work™ is unlike any other school on earth – instead of focusing on learning, students unlearn the fearful stories we have innocently attached to. Graduates are prepared to facilitate this transformative and simple method in unleashing stressful thoughts and beliefs that cause internal pain and suffering. Being free doesn’t come from learning new concepts. It is who you already are once your limiting beliefs have been met with understanding.

Byron Katie

The Work is amazing. I was ready to not talk to my sister for a very long time. I had a lot of thoughts that were separating me from her. Jen took me through one session and it just turned everything around IN ME. My sister didn’t change, but it doesn’t make any difference because the thoughts and emotions of pain and hurt are gone.

SJW, Kansas City

Jen, Tender work today, thank you… So exciting to imagine a world where our deepest shame can be beheld by another, mirrored back, and in that moment of inquiry be delivered into a sweet, sacred, experience of unconditional love…for ourselves! Grace as oxygen.

MLB, Michigan

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…the weekend made a significant impression on my ability to look at life. I am going to be able to…be more present. I have a feeling that The Work is something I will never let go of. I enjoyed your company and thanks for being you!

Chrystal, The Work Eco-Retreat

Thanks again for an amazing weekend. It was a real gift to myself. You are a natural leader of such experiences. It is obvious that The Work is your passion. Everyone seemed to get what they needed.

Terri, The Work Eco-retreat

The weekend was very powerful and I feel renewed and ready to do The Work consistently, and meditate more. I meditated this morning with your meditation CD and it was very peaceful. I think I will carry it through the day.

Lynn, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Thank you for making my stay here so wonderful, for making me feel so welcomed, for being so sweet, for your patience during my struggle and tears, for this absolutely lovely and beautiful space, for providing a safe haven during this reflection time, for teaching me how to nurture myself and showing me a way in which I really want to live through the simple and beautiful and wholesome and real way of life here. I will forever hold this place, space, experience, and your company and generosity in my heart.

Stace Four Day Residential Coaching Immersion client, Ohio