My head feels clearer; I am aware of each part of my body and how it connects with my surroundings. I feel present, content, and like I’ve finally slowed my brain to a comfortable pace!

Holon Healing 7

I came on the walk to feel more connected with Nature and Ancestors and my goals were absolutely met!

Holon Healing 6

You and Jen are a gift to the world and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 

Holon Healing 4

Megan-Mack, thank you so much for the glorious (yet cold ! =)) Forest Bathing full moon experience!!! I woke up the next day feeling lighter and more joyous than I have been I think since March / Covid. Would recommend this to everyone. It truly was a deeply Healy experience.  Your skill, confidence, and loving-kindness made me feel safe, happy, and open-hearted.

Holon Healong 5

If you are fresh from any environment where there is less nature, it would behoove you to go on this walk as a reintroduction to the world around us. This walk will do an excellent job to give you an introduction to what Pleasant Mountain, and specifically, what Megan-Mack and Nurture Through Nature have to offer.

Holon Healing 3

Megan-Mack was without a doubt an absolutely stellar Forest Guide. Her presence and attitude were 100% reassuring – never once did I feel pressured, rushed, or judged. Her tone throughout the walk was a mix of _______ and lightheartedness, and I thought her shared insights displayed a TRUE excitement about the natural world. The walk was also well-paced and in a well-chosen location, taking us through the forest proper as well as a beautiful brookside ecosystem. Such beautiful scenery and a great guide…well worth every minute.

Holon Healing 2

I cannot speak highly enough of Megan-Mack and her work. As a first-time visitor to western Maine who had never experienced Forest Therapy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I met Mack and heard her speak about her work, I felt at ease and eager to explore a new therapeutic practice. She immediately made me feel welcome and warm, meeting me where I was at that day and tailored our practice to address my needs. Over the course of our 90-minute  walk through the woods and along the brook, I went from a state of stress and grief to overwhelming joy, gratitude, and connection with the natural world. Most importantly, for the first time since her passing 5 months ago, I felt the presence and love of my mother… all thanks to a deep state of meditation with Mother Earth. Do yourself a favor and tale a Forest Therapy Walk. You’ll be amazed and transformed by this experience. I know I was.

Holon Healing 1