We enjoyed staying in the area and had an amazing experience in the sauna! Perfect for our weekend getaway!

Toby M. Virginia

The cabin was more spacious than we anticipated and was very clean and tidy. We loved the dipping areas on the site and booking a sauna appointment is a must! It was the highlight of our trip – so relaxing and so much fun to take a dip when it got too hot! It is a lovely area and we would definitely come back.

Haley J. Ashville, NY

This is a great place to disconnect from city life and slow down. The simplicity of rustic comfort dials down the things you need to do for the basics of living and opens up time for whatever else you need and want to do. It was a monastic quiet for me. Hawk visit across the clearing, cold water, walk in the woods and visits to nearby ponds.

Thomas H. Arhrst, MA

This place is magical. A lovely cabin with everything you need, that will encourage you to slow down and reflect on how we treat our planet and mindfully use its natural resources. The campground and trails are beautiful and thoughtfully marked. Highly recommend hiking up to the summit at sunset and trying the sauna and dipping pools! Also recommend arriving before nightfall since the surrounding area and grounds are quite dark at night. Jen and Marie are wonderful, kind, and patient hosts, and available for questions/guidance as needed! Very grateful to spend a long weekend here.

Layah S

We used the cabin as a jumping off point for a hike in the Whites. It was easy to find and had all we needed for a semi-camping weekend. I think it would be especially great in winter time. We had a great stay and hope to come back in colder months!

Aesclinn D

Great location, quiet and relaxing. We enjoyed hiking in the White Mountains nearby. Appreciated the eco-friendly environment!

Nell E.