I am enjoying the mix of Qi Gong and Yoga during mat time. I appreciate the combination in each session. The explanation of benefits or our movements is very informative and helpful. I am grateful for the attention Jen puts into creating each class~ the visuals, the music, her words and knowledge, her humor and personal touch–keeps me coming back!

Jo Weiss, Monmouth, Maine

I came home to myself while meeting new friends and incredible women. I appreciate Jen’s assessment of the group’s abilities and differences, yet catering to each individual. The Qi Gong and meditations really worked for me.

Paula Morgan-Johnson, Boston, MA

Jen Deraspe is a super teacher. Her knowledge in Qi Gong and Yoga was especially timely for me in recovering from gall bladder surgery and how to better take care of our organ systems. Her practice is one of mind, body and spirit as well as information about the Chakra system; a great combination of her talents and knowledge. Loved it!

Katie Dunn, Denmark, Maine

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for an experience that truly felt like a dream. You are the most incredible hosts, warm and kind, I could ever imagine. From the sauna, to the waters, the views and the attention to detail and palpable love you have for the land you have created an oasis, a jewel, a necessity and a home. Jen Deraspe, thank you for honoring earth and our mother, thank you for being so present and generous, and for creating such a sacred and healing place for people. There are no words to express just how much you moved us, and just how special Nurture Through Nature is.

Diana Anamaya, Brooklyn, NY

The retreat was fabulous. Everything workout better than I imagined. Food was great, and nice not to have to worry about that. They all want to come back for another one! You may get a couple weekend stays from the participants. I will definitely come back.

Annie P, Manchester, NH

Kellie and I found Nurture Through Nature an incredibly intentional, clean, and accessible space for us as retreat leaders and for our participants. In our survey of the space, every participant (there were 8 of them) “Strongly Agreed” that the NTN retreat center was accommodating and suited the retreat topic well. Here is what one participant had to say: “Everything about NTN was fabulous!! especially the FOOD. And Jen’s warmth and welcome.” We could not have been happier with the accommodations as they suited everyone’s needs really well. Jen, in particular, always made herself available to us and our participants. She held a safe container so that we facilitators could do our work holding a safe container for our participants.

Dana Fadel and Kellie Ryan, Portland, Maine

Every aspect of the process of running my own retreat at Nurture through Nature was straightforward and well-supported. I am satisfied on all accounts and would recommend the retreat center to anyone wishing to run their own retreat there!

Annette Urbschat, Maine

Nurture Through Nature is a woodsy getaway that I am delighted to now know about. I was the chef for a yoga retreat there this fall. We had a wonderful long weekend there and enjoyed the solitude, the amazing wood-fired sauna and our helpful host, Jen. We were lucky to have local organic farms supply us with a bounty of produce to cook with. The facility is run on solar power, and the various cabins are adorable! I can’t wait to go back.

Paco Rodriguez, Connecticut

Amazing place and incredible experience! Thank you for grounding us all! We will be back as a troop and independently with our families.

Renee Dugas, Gorham, Maine

As a retreat co-leader, I highly recommend this space to anyone thinking about putting together a retreat. The 33 acres of walking trails, with the brook rolling through, allows for savoring in what Mother Nature has to offer. Having nutritious and delicious meals prepared was so helpful. Harmony cabin was so convenient for myself, and the other co-leader being close to the lodge but also separate. It allowed for reflection and privacy. Having access to the large area in the lodge was the perfect space for our retreat offerings. I can’t wait to hold another retreat there in the spring!

Kristy McNaughton, Augusta, Maine