The space is amazing. It feels so clean, spacious, luxurious, natural and right. Excellent food and supportive teachings.

Anonymous, Maine

The meals were phenomenal. What worked for me on my retreat was the food, the schedule/timing, the sauna, a variety of yoga and the bunk accommodations.

Nicole, Gorham, Maine

Amazing experience at the fall retreat!! Thank you Jen for everything!!

Bridgid Murnane, Portland, Maine

I have enjoyed this chance to breathe and let go! Great food, yoga, nature time, and small sharing sessions.

Rasmus, Denmark (the real one!)

The retreat was energizing, relaxation, and thought-provoking. The yoga was beautiful. I learned about myself and have the skills to take good care of myself. Thank you for being part of my amazing journey to loving myself.

Lisa, Scarborough, Maine

This retreat exceeded my expectations. The pace was great, I loved trying new things, loved my time in the sauna and in the yurt. The food was excellent, the circle time was relaxing and the yoga enjoyable.

Deanne Garland, Scarborough, Maine

Great time on Pleasant Mountain in Denmark, Maine! These ladies (14-year-old girl scouts) hiked, snowshoed, tracked, sled, night walked, sauna, and experienced yurt living. Our devoted coach Jen showed and explained Mother Nature and all the wonderful things she offers us. The amazing journey these ladies had. Lots of laughs, smiles, and open minds.

Renee Dugas, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Gorham, Maine

Nurture through Nature is a true hidden gem in Denmark, Maine. I had a life-transforming experience while there for a retreat. I highly, without hesitation, recommend going. I am already looking forward to my next visit and I just returned from there! Amazing experience! Thank you to Jen and Mer!

Anonymous, Portland, Maine

As always, it was a beautiful time spent in nature and for self-reflection. What worked is the continual reminder to just BE, to come back home to the present, without judgment. Thank you, Jen, for being a great example for me.

Sandy W, Buxton, Maine

Fantastic retreat, lovely setting, friendly people. I loved the movement, breathing and meditation. Thank you!

Anonymous, Maine