The experience was opening, wonderful, helpful. I feel hopeful about my life with a new set of tools.

Susannah B, Massachusetts

I am so very grateful for you and The Work. With your guidance, I have found freedom, peace, and quiet which has been living deep inside my body and mind forever.

Debbie D, North Shore, MA

Thank you so much of your coaching, support and insight. This has come at the perfect point in my life, when it was most needed…

Coral, phone client, Maine

Everything on the retreat was great! Beautiful spaces, meaningful programming, the guided meditation walks, Byron Katie discussions, the yoga, the sauna, the mountain brook, the music, the harmonium, the food~all opportunities were well-paced and worked well together. I will recommend it to others and hope to return.

Rachel Poissant, Biddeford, Maine

I loved how with each minute, I settled into living ‘off the grid’. Loved being in nature, building a fire in our cabin, being fed delicious and healthy food by Mer who is so funny, irreverent, talented, and oh so kind, yoga, walks, time together with the group, the early hike in noble silence, and of course, your calm and healing leadership.

Wendy Price,Massachusetts

It’s back! My heart, mind, and spirit are so much lighter since joining your retreat. It has been great for my soul. I knew I needed it and I am so glad I did it. I have really found myself again. Thank you, Jen!

Robin Matthews, Connecticut

Dear Jen, I am very excited. I feel Re-energized and Re-Newed from our weekend together. The space is amazing. Thank you. You are very good at what you do…Genuine, Authentic, Passionate, Intelligent, Well Spoken, Beautiful…

Anne Poirier, New Hampshire

Everything worked for me. The location, the amenities, the people, your message & vibe, the yoga & meditating, the amount of time we spent together, the amount of alone time I had. I gained a true knowledge of the value and importance of being quiet. I knew this but to experience it was amazing. Noble Silence was a gift! And having you walk us through breathing was huge. I think I didn’t know how to breathe properly my whole life. Thanks so much, Jen. I think you’re especially wonderful!!

Karen Wilson, Maine

I am still feeling great peace and ease lingering from the retreat weekend. The schedule was a good balance of free time and group time. Yurt was comfy and just right. LOVE noble silence time. Quiet alone time was respected and I felt no pressure to make small talk if I did not want to. Amazing food! Thank you so much again for creating this space for retreat, reflection, nature, good health. I’m already thinking of who I know that might need some time there!

Emily Burns, New Hampshire

Everything worked for me! The structure of the day with retreat activities, free time, meal times, gave a continuous flow of good energy throughout the day. So what do I mean by good energy: Continuity, Peacefulness & Mindfulness, the mindfulness, being captured by the Noble Silence. I truly felt “refreshed” in every way, through the physical aspect; meditations, sharing, and the beautiful environment, and the meals!! Much Love & Gratitude to you as your special spirit has enriched us all!

Kathleen Stevens, Maine