Megan-Mack, thank you so much for the glorious (yet cold ! =)) Forest Bathing full moon experience!!! I woke up the next day feeling lighter and more joyous than I have been I think since March / Covid. Would recommend this to everyone. It truly was a deeply Healy experience.  Your skill, confidence, and loving-kindness made me feel safe, happy, and open-hearted.

Holon Healong 5

If you are fresh from any environment where there is less nature, it would behoove you to go on this walk as a reintroduction to the world around us. This walk will do an excellent job to give you an introduction to what Pleasant Mountain, and specifically, what Megan-Mack and Nurture Through Nature have to offer.

Holon Healing 3

Megan-Mack was without a doubt an absolutely stellar Forest Guide. Her presence and attitude were 100% reassuring – never once did I feel pressured, rushed, or judged. Her tone throughout the walk was a mix of _______ and lightheartedness, and I thought her shared insights displayed a TRUE excitement about the natural world. The walk was also well-paced and in a well-chosen location, taking us through the forest proper as well as a beautiful brookside ecosystem. Such beautiful scenery and a great guide…well worth every minute.

Holon Healing 2

I cannot speak highly enough of Megan-Mack and her work. As a first-time visitor to western Maine who had never experienced Forest Therapy before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I met Mack and heard her speak about her work, I felt at ease and eager to explore a new therapeutic practice. She immediately made me feel welcome and warm, meeting me where I was at that day and tailored our practice to address my needs. Over the course of our 90-minute  walk through the woods and along the brook, I went from a state of stress and grief to overwhelming joy, gratitude, and connection with the natural world. Most importantly, for the first time since her passing 5 months ago, I felt the presence and love of my mother… all thanks to a deep state of meditation with Mother Earth. Do yourself a favor and tale a Forest Therapy Walk. You’ll be amazed and transformed by this experience. I know I was.

Holon Healing 1

The School for The Work™ is unlike any other school on earth – instead of focusing on learning, students unlearn the fearful stories we have innocently attached to. Graduates are prepared to facilitate this transformative and simple method in unleashing stressful thoughts and beliefs that cause internal pain and suffering. Being free doesn’t come from learning new concepts. It is who you already are once your limiting beliefs have been met with understanding.

Byron Katie

The Work is amazing. I was ready to not talk to my sister for a very long time. I had a lot of thoughts that were separating me from her. Jen took me through one session and it just turned everything around IN ME. My sister didn’t change, but it doesn’t make any difference because the thoughts and emotions of pain and hurt are gone.

SJW, Kansas City

Jen, Tender work today, thank you… So exciting to imagine a world where our deepest shame can be beheld by another, mirrored back, and in that moment of inquiry be delivered into a sweet, sacred, experience of unconditional love…for ourselves! Grace as oxygen.

MLB, Michigan

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…the weekend made a significant impression on my ability to look at life. I am going to be able to…be more present. I have a feeling that The Work is something I will never let go of. I enjoyed your company and thanks for being you!

Chrystal, The Work Eco-Retreat

Thanks again for an amazing weekend. It was a real gift to myself. You are a natural leader of such experiences. It is obvious that The Work is your passion. Everyone seemed to get what they needed.

Terri, The Work Eco-retreat

The weekend was very powerful and I feel renewed and ready to do The Work consistently, and meditate more. I meditated this morning with your meditation CD and it was very peaceful. I think I will carry it through the day.

Lynn, Cape Elizabeth, Maine